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When’s the last time you looked closely at your headlamp lenses? Take a look, are they cloudy or discolored? If so, replacing a headlamp assembly can cost hundreds of dollars. Luckily there is something Kansas City citizens can do about cloudy or discolored headlamps.

First let’s talk about why the headlamps are so cloudy. Back in the day, Kansas City vehicles’ headlights were glass. These were heavy, could crack, and had practical limits as to their shape, so manufacturers started using plastic headlamp lenses. Road grime and UV light take a toll on the plastic surface. Over time the lenses get cloudy and discolored. Just look at the vehicles in any Kansas City parking lot and you’ll see a lot of that.

Because a disproportionate amount of traffic accidents happen at night, smart Kansas City citizens make sure they have maximum visibility. Cloudy lenses reduce the amount of light that gets out on the road, which in turn can really hurt the time you have to respond to hazards in the road.

Fortunately, we can restore your headlamp lenses. Using a combination of special cleaners, we can sand away the cloudy and discolored layer. Then we polish the headlamp and add UV protection. This lasts quite a bit longer than the DIY kits you see on television. Also, this service costs a fraction of replacing the headlamp assembly.

If your headlamp lenses are cloudy or discolored, get your vehicle set up for a headlamp restoration.

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