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Can you hook up a machine and tell me what is wrong with my vehicle?

This is a myth. There is no such equipment that will tell you what is wrong with your vehicle or that can predict what will go wrong with your vehicle next. Through our technician’s education, training, and experience with automotive repair, we are able to use the diagnostic equipment and determine what is wrong with your vehicle. This process is slower and more difficult if you have had someone else try and fix the vehicle. It is important to give Wornall Automotive all the symptoms and information known about your vehicle and the problems you are experiencing.


How much is the cost going to be?

Our invoices reflect the total cost in parts & labor increments. Labor time is determined by using the Alldata Labor Guide, which is an industry standard. You can be certain that the parts used were purchased according to your individual needs. We also separate our shop supplies and environmental fees. These are the shops supplies needed to inspect and/or repair your vehicle. These include, but are not limited to, shop towels, misc. nuts/bolts, engine/brake cleaner. The dealerships will charge you for an entire can of cleaner, even if they only use a small amount. We try to keep it fair by only charging a small percent.


My car is running rough. Do I need a tune-up?

In today’s highly sophisticated automobiles, a tune-up is a maintenance type service and normally does not correct running problem. We advise our customers with a running problem to choose an engine diagnostic service in order to address the source of a running problem.


What is the difference between factory new, aftermarket new, remanufactured, and used parts?

All four categories have a purpose in making repairs and should be selected according to availability, vehicle specifics and your personal needs. A factory new part is one manufactured by the company that produced the vehicle. An aftermarket new part is manufactured by a source other than the original factory. A remanufactured part was previously used and is reconditioned to meet or exceed original specifications. A used part has been obtained from a salvage yard.


Is there a charge to check out my car?

It would depend on the symptoms or purpose. If the inspection is for a used car purchase, we charge according to the extent of inspection. When diagnosing an electrical problem (wiring problem, headlights don’t operate, etc.) or driveability concern (hesitation, check engine light, etc.) there will be a charge applied based on the type of equipment used and the technician’s time.

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